Hiking Flume and Liberty (Caitlin)

Hi there! Welcome to my first blog! My first twoIMG_3436 4000 footers were done in one day! The first 4000 footer was Mt. Liberty and then Mt. Flume. We hiked 10.2 miles. I was sore for quite a few days after hiking those mountains. Unfortunately it had rained the day before so we couldn’t go on the Flume slide trail that went up to Mt. Flume like we had hoped because our guide book advised us not to hike it while it was wet and, as I said before, it had rained the day before we went hiking. Instead we went up the Liberty Spring Trail,went on a 1/2 hour/ hour trail to Mt. Flume and then go back down the same way we came up. It was painful and incase you were wondering, Mt. Liberty Spring Trail is open all year round but there are lots of springs and rivers. The view on Mt.Liberty was IMG_3431so breathtaking! I could see almost all of Franconia Notch! The Liberty Spring trail is straight up for the majority of the the time. Even if you stay well hydrated and are physically strong, it will still be hard. I think that if you are my age ( I am only 9 so let’s take a minute for that to sink in ) and you did that hike and did or didn’t use the Flume Slide Trail then you should be proud of yourself and should know that your parents are proud of you too! It really is an accomplishment to do this. The only thing I didn’t like were all of the streams. I nearly fell into one,so I have a good reason not to like that part. Also, you should bring a change of clothes in your backpack while hiking. Otherwise, the rest of the way to the top will NOT be fun. On the way down is literally straight down. Remember the part that was straight up? IMG_3670Well,as the saying goes, what comes up must come down so when / if  you go down the Liberty Springs trail, you should  bring hiking boots with good sole grips or if you don’t have hiking boots then sneakers that are comfortable on you and don’t mind getting dirty  are also good. Mt. Liberty and Mt. Flume was a great experience for me and I hope it will be the same for you!


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