Mt. Tecumseh (Caitlin)

Hello!  I just did Mt. Tecumseh a few weeks ago on July 21,2016. We did it with Geoffrey, my little brother. The trail was better than Liberty and Flume was! We parked in the Waterville Valley Ski Resort parking area and started hiking on a trail, the Mt. Tecumseh trail, just across the road from where we parked. It was nice and straight with a little bit of downhill when we first started off, and when we got farther up the trail we went uphill, but it leveled out quite a few times. When we were almost to the top we saw a sign that said “SUMMIT” and on both sides of the sign there were arrows IMG_3556 that were pointing in two different directions. I think my dad took a picture of that somewhere … anyway, when we got to the summit we got a view of IMG_3579about ten 4000 footers. I know the names of 4 of them, Mt. Osceola, the Tripyramids, and East Osceola. On the way down we saw a radio tower and my dad commented that it was why the service on his phone was so good. When we came to the next clearing we were on the top of Waterville! We went about halfway down and saw a man that told us witch way was the easiest. When we got to the bottom, we collapsed in the car and put our backpacks in the back of the car. I had a cool adventure and I hope you will too!


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  1. I love following your adventures. Cousin Phil and I love to hike with our dog, Bonney. Hope to meet you on the trails.

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