Geoffrey’s Hike up Mt. Tecumseh (Geoffrey)

IMG_3598It was easy. I saw flowers and a good view. We brought lunch, and we ate it at the top of the mountain. We crossed two streams. That was not scary.

The hike took a long time, a couple of hours. I brought a water bottle. My legs were sore for a few days.IMG_3581

This picture is sideways. It looks like we are falling off the mountain. 🙂

This is not all. I have a few more mountains to climb.


5 thoughts on “Geoffrey’s Hike up Mt. Tecumseh (Geoffrey)

  1. Wow! Looking forward to following your hikes. Will show my mom (Aunt Betty) your oats. I know it will make her smile… It will make her day

  2. So glad you can appreciate how beautiful NE mountains are. You are so lucky to have parents who are able to encourage sporting activities.

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