Lincoln and Lafayette (Caitlin)

Hello! Dad IMG_3701and I hiked Lincoln and Lafayette on July 28, 2016.  On the way to the trail we stopped at a visitor center and went to the bathroom and confirmed the trail we were taking.  When we got to the trail, we got our hiking boots and our backpacks on and started on the trail.  When we got to the falling waters trail (the trail we took to get there didn’t have a name) we stopped at a sign right next to the trail and took a pic.  WIMG_3640e crossed a bridge that started the trail and started hiking toward little Haystack. We hiked a few miles, staying next to a stream for a while. Then, about a mile in we heard IMG_3638something.  As we got closer we saw a waterfall shining in the light. It was so pretty!  We saw a lot more waterfalls as we hiked up the trail.  We even sat and had a snack next to one!  After passing all the water falls, we saw a sign that said how long the ridge trail was.  Dad took a pic of me standing undIMG_3656er it.(as usual)IMG_3632 when we were almost to the top we saw a sign.  It said how far away shinning rock was (you’ll find out why they call it that in a sec) and how far it was from the top.  We decided to to go to shining rock because there was a geocache there (go on to find out what it is) when we got to the rock, we stopped to get a few pics and then started looking for the cache.  When we found it we signed the log book and then put it back were we found it.  After we hiked back out of the trail that led to shining rock, it was about a mile to the top of Haystack, IMG_3666where we had lunch and rested for about 30 minutes.  Then we hiked toward Lincoln.  About 20 minutes later, we were at the top of Lincoln.  We had anotherIMG_3679 sandwich and took a few pics and then moved on to Lafayette.  Once we got to Lafayette, we saw some people that we had seen at the beginning of the hike offered to take some pictures of us.

look how far we hiked!
look how far we hiked!
here is a pic of the backside of lafayette
here is a pic of the backside of Lafayette
here’s a pic of the Greenleaf hut

Afterwords, we went down a trail leading to the old bridle path.  We were on a trail in the alpine zone at that time so the views were amazing.  When we got out of the alpine zone, it was only about a half mile hike to the hut right before old bridle path.  When we got to the hut we stopped to go to the bathroom and get a snack.  After the snack, we went over to the bridle path sign and took a pic of  me underneath the sign.  We hiked down the old bridle path for a while and then as we were about 500 feet from the car I had to trip on the smallest stone and fall just as it was getting ready to rain.  Ouch!  I was OK but we had to go at a fast pace afterwards to beat the rain.  When we were almost at the car, we stopped at a stream and washed off the rest of the dirt on me and then went to the car.  It started raining literally right as we got to the car. We quickly got our flip flops on,  got in the car and drove out of the lot.  I had a lot of fun!IMG_3692

here's a pic of what my dad calls "the best bathroom view ever"
here’s a pic of what my dad calls “the best bathroom view ever”

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