Geoffrey’s Hike On Mt. Osceola and East Osceola (Geoffrey)

This place had a good view!

The hike to the Osceolas started out easy, but got harder as we got up and then easier towards the top.  It was harder in the middle because it was steep.  In the middle we found a geocache.  It had prizes inside, but we did not take anything and we put it back where we found it.


Not too hard to find!

At the top we had a great breeze & view.  We also had lunch there!


Then we went down and over to East Osceola.  We had to climb down a chimney (which is a very dangerous thing with steep rocks).  It was not hard for me, but might have been hard for Caitlin!

Off to East Osceola!

The top of East Osceola was bad because we didn’t even get a view!!!

Peak with no view….

We headed back the trail to Osceola and stopped in the middle for this picture.

I’m gonna jump (Caitlin pushed me)

We had to climb up the chimney this time.  It was easy, see…

Back at the top of Osceola we had another sandwich.  While we were eating we saw jets fighting!  It was kind of cool.  Daddy did not get a picture of this- booooo.

Caitlin is scared because her eyes are closed!

After this we headed back to the car!  We got this picture of the beginning.

This is a sign

Daddy took us out to dinner, ice cream and then to miniature golf.  The whole day was medium fun and the end was super fun!

That’s a foot long hot dog! It was yummy!
I was a conehead and had peppermint stick ice cream. It was tasty!
I am sitting in the biggest chair in the world (Daddy’s note- not confirmed)
I was a super golfer and I beat Daddy and Caitlin (Daddy’s note- no he did not)







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