Osceola and East Osceola My 2nd Hike with Geoffrey (Caitlin)

So…steep….So tiring..

Hello there! I did Osceola and East Osceola on August 4, 2016. it was fun and a little tiring but hey as long as you have fun it can never be to bad! Anyway, we started at the Osceola trail head parking area right off Tripoli Road. I had taken a nice nap  on the way there so I was nice and refreshed for the hike. the trail started on a gravel path way right in front of a sign so we obviously took a sign pic after we the pic, we started on the trail.IMG_3715took We passed lots of rock paths on the way up. On a rocky slide, we saw a tree on a rock a took a pic of us on it.eventually it started to get a little less rocky. And then of course got steep.

So..... steep.....So......tiring.
So….. steep…..So……tiring.
the geocache is right in the middle of us.
summit pic!

Eventually dad takes out his phone and says that there’s a geocache nearby.(go on geocaching.com for more info) when we found it we took some pics, put it back, and moved on.  When we got to the top we all sat down and had lunch. we also took some pics.  Then after lunch we started to East Osceola. (p.s if you are just hiking for a view,I wouldn’t advise only East Osceola in you’re hike).  We had to go  down the chimney  to get to it though. Dad and G went around it but I climbed straight down it!

summit pic in front of cairn!

The last pIMG_3727ush to the top of  East Osceola was very steep.  At the top of East Osceola we took a picture and went back  down the trail to Osceola. When we got to Osceola, we took a picture and went back down the trail we came from.  When we got to the end of the trail, we all took off our boots and put on flip flops. Then we left for home after a nice dinner,desert,and game of mini golf. I had a great day.

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