My Tripyrmid Hike (Caitlin)

here’s a pic of me at the south slide sign.
me at the beginning

Hello!  I did North, Middle and South Tripyramid on August 11, 2016.  We started on a road called Livermore road and then stopped at a river on the side of the trail.IMG_3953  After we stopped at the river and climbed back up, we continued on the road. after a while, we passed the end of the trail that led to the top of the Tripyramids.  We would eventually come out that way

after hiking the Tripyramids.  We hiked for a little while before getting to the North Slide sign.  We  hiked on the trail for a little while, crossing some streams and rivers while hiking. Finally we got to a

north slide sign
me sitting on the wall. It was a little branchy but it was still pretty rocky.
cant miss the trail like this!


rocky wall that we climbed.  Afterwards it was all rocks.

pic on top the slide! yay!!!!!
pic on top the slide! yay!!!!!
Middle Tripyramid

It was very tiring.  The view was very pretty but the rocks on the trail were wet so we had to be on our toes and didn’t get much time to look at the view.  It took us an hour and a half to get to the top.  It was hard not  to miss the trail that led to the top because someone had hung Tibetan prayer flags over the trail. When we got to the top of  North Tripyramid, we found out there was no view and was very disappointed and then started on to Middle Tripyramid. When we got to Middle Tripyramid we found out there was a view and took some pictures.  After we took the pictures and met some other hikers, we had lunch and then moved on to the south Tyipyramid.  After passing though the South Tripyramid and seeing some people that we had saw on the North Tripyramid  and then started down the south slide.  It was very quick and before we knew it it we were at the bottom of the trail.  After hiking around


just keep climbing, just keep climbing ...
just keep climbing, just keep climbing …

and getting some geocaches, we headed back to  the car.  On the way we went for a dip in the river.  It felt so good!  OMG, flip flops have never felt so good.  Finally after we were about a kilometer from the car we went on a side trail and grabbed a geocache.  I had so much fun! doing this!  And if you liked this then stay put for the next blog, the Wildcats.  Bye!

me in the cold water! It feels so good!
me in the cold water! It feels so good!
last geocache of the day!
last geocache of the day!










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