Wildcat A and D (Caitlin)

Dad, Geoffery and I hiked  Wildcat’s ski trails.  We started at the Wildcat ski lodge at the bottom of wildcat and got ready for the hike.  We did Lower to Upper Polecat to the top of  Wildcat D  and took the Wildcat ridge trail (BTW it’s also part of the Appalachian trail) to Wildcat A.  We originally started with mom hiking with us, but it was way too buggy for her to continue hiking I think we had just hit the halfway mark to the bottom of Upper Polecat when she went back to the car. After mom left,and after we took a quick break, it was really buggy, we headed up to the top of Wildcat D.  Soon after we hit the bottom of Upper Polecat,we saw Wildcat pawprints.


Then as we hiked up the trail, we saw a beautiful crystal poking up from the ground. After dad had dug it out of the ground, we continued hiking till we got to the top of Wildcat D.

Mt Washington in the clouds again from atop Wildcat D

When we got to the top of Wildcat D, we took a break and had lunch on the top of an observation tower. Soon after, we started hiking to Wildcat A



Wildcat Ridge Trail sign

We took the Wildcat Ridge Trail to got to Wildcat A. We hiked for about an hour before we got there.

Bog bridges in the one of the Wildcat cols


When we got to the top of Wildcat A , we had a snack as dad told us what the rest of the hike was like.  After we finished our snack (and posed for a few pics) we set off for the Carter Notch Hut.

Outlook sign on the Wildcat A peak!
The Wildcat Ridge Trail from Wildcat A to Carter Notch is steep.
Slide path with a built in spring over a very mossy rock that the g and I both had to feel.
Looking out from the slide onto the valley.
almost there!
here we are!
Wildcat A (center) and B (left) tower over one of the Carter Lakes.
The second of the Carter Lakes.
The main building of the Carter Notch Hut

(1 million pics and a looong hike later…)We finally got to the carter notch hut and had some AWESOME snacks.  We also got these cool patches that mom’s going to sew (or iron, I dunno) onto our hiking bags (not school bags, but, that would be cool!) sometime soon.  After we finish eating and get our gear on, we head on the trail to the car that mom is bringing (otherwise we would’ve had to resumit both Wildcat A + D, and if  you looked at the pics the trails were very steep and we didn’t plan to go up there again any time soon, and mom had gone back earlier so she said that she would pick us up). anyway, we started on the trail to the car…

Back on the 19 Mile Brook Trail & 3.8 miles to the Route 16 trail head. G is not impressed!

1/2 way home!

New trail
New bridge
Trail head on route 16!

We finally got to the car and mom asked all about our trip. Another successful hike with the Nippinses!

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